Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grumbly and Suri Get New Names at New Home, Doing Good

Houdini and Jasmine (formerly Grumbly Rumby and Suri) in their new home.

Suri's new name is Jasmine, which fits her well, while Grumbly's new name is Houdini, which fits him also.

Their adopters contacted me today to say both are doing well. Houdini remains somewhat shy, but now has a bed in the living room and is in it watching them and out, in the evening. They said he is doing fine and even purring. What a relief!

I am ecstatic, and if you could see me, you'd see me doing the happy dance.

Still hoping the Valentino adoption goes through. Great woman who just has to convince her husband on it. It would be too awesome to contemplate that Val might also get a permanent home finally.

If my brother adopts Sam and Smolder, although I thought that was going to be this week, and he has not yet set a definite date or time, I'd be down five adult cats. (he's sick) Well, two of them technically teens.

My birthday is coming up soon. Let's see, am not a date keeper, but it's a week from tomorrow. (looked on my calendar). Getting Val, Sam and Smolder homes by my birthday would be about the best present I could imagine.

Suri and Grumbly getting a home together was something I had started to think would not happen. When it did happen and when they were not returned and I'm told, doing well, oh what a feeling.

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