Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photos of the Seven Cats Fixed Yesterday

I took seven local cats down to be fixed yesterday. Six of the seven came from the same Albany household. They have seven others who will need fixed. Five of those are kittens. The sixth is their mom. The seventh is a big tabby male, constantly roaming, whom they claim rarely now comes home. He's prime candidate to catch and spread diseases like FIV and Felk, so I want them to find him, confine him when he comes home, and get him fixed, for the sake of other Albany cats.

Of the six who were fixed from this household so far, three were girls, one a very prolific mom, and three were boys.
Poof, Albany long hair tabby female, fixed yesterday.

George, Albany brown tabby male fixed yesterday.

Hiccup, big black male, fixed yesterday from the Albany house.

Tabby, a prolific female from the Albany house, fixed yesterday.

White Paws, tabby tux male, fixed yesterday from the Albany House of cats.

Lily, torbi tux female, one of six fixed yesterday from the same Albany household. They have seven more cats who need fixed.

I also took a male kitten down to be fixed from Corvallis. The man has been evicted. I don't know the details. He said his girlfriend died. She must have had the apartment in a low income complex out off 53rd.

It's really beautiful out there. Some of the houses on Meadowlark although tightly packed are what you think a house should look like, with front porches covered and big enough to accommodate chairs so one could sit and visit with neighbors or read or just kick back on a lazy evening.

When returning the cat there this morning, memories of life in Corvallis, although very hard on me, came wafting back. I felt resentments, for all they have over there, the wonderful parks and bike and pedestrian paths. When I was evicted from that horrible slum shack, I could find nowhere cheap enough to rent.

And when my brother stepped in, willing to buy a house to rent to me, with my share of my parents estate, he could find nothing even close to affordable to buy. So I ended up here. He vowed to sell this place within a year. He knew it was not my style to live in a cul de sac surrounded in concrete, but he never had the time.

I do feel caught in a trap here. I have been unable to make connections of any kind and lost most of those I had when I lived in Corvallis. I am lonely here and cannot find avenues for recreation either. Fish out of water I am. Flopping around on a sidewalk, gasping.
Kiki, the Corvallis male kitten, fixed yesterday.

The man who owns Kiki met me downtown Corvallis with the kitten Thursday evening. He had made a carrier from a gear net and a basket! I didn't ask him what will become of him, once he has to vacate the apartment by the end of this month. He had told me he would be couch surfing for awhile. Kiki he thinks will stay with a friend, who insisted he first be fixed. It was an emergency to get Kiki fixed so he'd have a place to go end of the month. Heartland had referred this man to me for help.

His plight reminded me to be grateful to have a roof over my head. I may be lonely here, but I have a roof over my head.

Speaking of which, the Sunday paper listed nonprofits in our area that bring in over $200,000 per year in donations. The Oregon AG office wants state nonprofits to meet the standard of spending at least 65% of incoming funds on their mission. Heartland made the grade. Safehaven didn't.

Last I heard from Suri and Grumbly's adopters, Suri was doing good while Grumbly was still scared. I am so glad, actually, that I don't have to list Grumbly anymore. I don't have to deal with the breed people anymore, the ones who want him really only because he's Siamese.

They would ignore completely my listing information that he could only be adopted with one of his friends. What kind of people are these, I think to myself. Just so glad I no longer have to deal with them. So glad the people who took him actually were interested in Suri, and took Grumbly because they felt bad for him and knew him being adopted with Suri was likely his sole chance of getting a home. Character!

If Grumbly is returned this time, he will no longer go up for adoption, to save him the trauma and me the trauma of dealing with the breed people.

My new tires seem to be causing some rather disturbing vibrations, especially at speeds between 40 and 60. I will have to find a Firestone and go in, make sure they are balanced ok and find out why the vibration.

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