Monday, February 20, 2012

Gloom Day Over Tires

I'm in a mood today. It's the tire thing. They had not been balanced properly and the vibration driving on them was quite something else again.

Today, I went to Corvallis to have them properly balanced. I also threw the two tires into the car taken off the front, when I got the new tires, to return to the wrecking yard to avoid paying for them. I had not paid for them yet.

I had asked Firestone Tigard to put the two removed front tires, Toyos, into the back of my car. They bagged the tires in plastic and put them into the back of my car. I had not looked into the bags and had no reason to believe they were not the right tires.

Until I looked today. One was a Prime Well, off the rear of my car, and the other a Toyo. Useless! I was very upset, to say the least. Who in the world could make such an idiotic error?

I call Tigard from the Corvallis Firestone. The guy says he'll check the pulled off tires to see if he can find the Toyo and call me back. I get no call back.

The wrecking yard won't take back just one. Useless. He's writing a bill out. If I can't get that Toyo back from Tigard Firestone, I have to pay for the wrecking yard tires. I am about at the edge. Pay for Tigard Firestone's mistake.

What happened to business competence?

And for them to say they'd call back, then not call back, that too is rude.

Corvallis Firestone re-balanced my new tires for me. Two of them were slightly off they said. Seems to drive with less vibration now at least.

UPDATE: Since Tigard Firestone did not call me back, I called them. I get someone else who tells me the pulled off tires were taken away by the tire recycler this morning, so there's no getting that Toyo back. He gave me their FAX number and suggested I FAX the wrecking yard bill to them but also said the manager won't be in again until this Friday so there will be nothing that can be done until then and then it's up to him.

Well, shit happens. Hopefully it will work out and I'll get reimbursed. I'm still worn out from the trips, Thursday to the FCCO and Saturday to S/nipped then working on the cleanup despite exhaustion already. Feather, in my bathroom, experiencing possibly severe health issues, has me worried also. She has lost weight rapidly in the last two weeks and was very dehydrated. But why?

She won't let me look in her mouth to check for a bad tooth.

Other than that, if a young cat loses weight and is dehydrated, I start thinking intestinal blockage, gut infection, lymphoma, or FIP.

She'll eat only small amounts before quitting. Why's that, I think to myself. Cancer? Blockage? I have yet to see her poop, although she pees. I am giving her fluids and force feeding her nutrical. I have no money for a vet visit.

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