Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Goodbye (again) Suri and Rumby

This afternoon, I get an e-mail. They are interested in Suri and would like to meet her. The big skeptic I am, I send them the adoption application and ask if they'd like to come over this evening, never expecting to even hear back as I usually don't.

I did and over they came. And I even know the woman's father. I dug kittens out of a barn loft for him years ago.

They're a great couple and love animals. And...they decided to also take Grumbly Rumby, at least, until he tears apart their house and them (just kidding).

He was so freaked to see dreaded adopters in the house, after his last experience, that I had to run him into a trap so he could leave with them. They are very calm and kind people.

I am thrilled, but still skeptical. After all, he has already been "adopted" twice before. Each time, he's been hurriedly returned.

But for now, it's goodbye once again to Grumbly Rumby and Suri. Suri is wonderful. She will do fine. But Grumbly, if I were a gambling woman......

Also on the great news front, a volunteer vet took a look at Val and did a thorough exam. She concluded he does have gingivitis around his remaining teeth but to wait, see if he gets worse, watch for pus, because he's an old guy and anesthesia is tough on an old cat. She did not think the gingivitis and inflammation around the teeth warranted surgery, given his age.

She also gave me some panologue ointment for his ears and diagnosed him with extreme flea allergies. Eastern Oregon, she said, wryly, no fleas there. Find him a home over there. Then she smiled.

Well, I might find him a home in eastern Oregon. Never say never!

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