Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Does One Do?

I apologized to that old guy, who went off on me for bringing the three teens back. Yeah, I know. Pathetic. But I felt it was the only way to get the rest of the cats helped and it wasn't that big of a deal to me, to get yelled at or devalued.

He said he had, in the meantime, borrowed a trap. But nothing stuck I'd told him about trapping. He claims not to have been feeding the kittens, and said maybe somebody else was. I pleaded with him to put out food, that three of them just had surgery, all that. My heart was sinking into sadness.

He'd called this a.m., said there was a big orange one in the trap. I went over. Trap was set without paper lining it, without a cover, out in the open, just where the other cats would see it and be scared to see that right out in the open there. The cat had been in there all night, maybe longer and was soaking wet. Poor cat.

I again tried to explain that wasn't the way to do it, that we'd never catch the mother and the other teen unless he feeds them and doesn't put a trap out like that. I don't think I got through. So I brought the orange boy here, to warm him up. I don't know if he's wild or tame or fixed or not, because he's so cold and scared from being in an uncovered trap in the pouring rain for who knows how long.

I tried to call his church friend then, the woman who referred him to me, whom I know, asking her to talk to him, about feeding the cats and to help him trap or give him encouragement. No answer. I tried to contact her on chat and after my first message, she switched it to the "I'm busy" message.

I'm frustrated, sad, but I can only to the best I can over there. Breaks my heart to think of those teens though and the impossibility of trapping there, without some intervention from his friends who have gone "dark".

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