Sunday, January 08, 2012

Lost Boy Finds A Porch, Needs a Home

Big long hair neutered male, who showed up in N. Albany, as a starved skinny desperate stray.

I was called by someone I helped a couple months back, taking in four cats to be fixed. They just had a skrawny tame neutered male arrive begging for food on their porch. He once was a big cat! He loves other cats, too. Where did he come from? He could be one of the cats dumped behind Ray's by the Hill Street man who trapped neighbor's cats to dump. I e-mailed his photo to a neighbor of a man who lost two cats, still missing, to his neighbor's cruelty. Maybe it will be one of his.

For now, I gave these folks, whose porch he found, a bag of food, some flea treatment and wormed him. They say he's already starting to look a little better.

A woman called about a black cat with a broken leg. She mistakenly thought I had brought the cat, with some others, to her neighbor, from a West Fir rescue. I actually thought my West Fir friend adopted some cats to her neighbor also, but after e-mailing her, and trying my best to recall that exchange, I think she adopted them out elsewhere.

The Albany woman had contacted her over an ad she placed trying to locate a home for some cats. My West Fir friend then contacted me to ask if I knew the woman. I had thought she ended up adopting them out to her, but she doesn't think she did and I can't remember anything more about it.

I met the neighbor about a year ago, when she was selling used carriers. It was then she said she was caring for cats her neighbor had taken in. I had then also thought the cats the neighbor had were from West Fir, and told her that, but now I don't think she ever adopted those cats. Anyhow, the neighbor woman's cats, from wherever she got them, ended up over at this woman's place because the other woman doesn't feed them, or rarely does, this woman told me.

So she called today wanting me to take in the one with the broken leg, and take care of him. I told her I don't have any money. She described the cat as "one of those you brought over here" which isn't what happened. I wish I could help the cat, but I can't help every cat. I don't have that kind of money. Or space.

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