Thursday, January 05, 2012

Loosey Goosey Shoulder

Age is setting in. Old injuries like to ghost up.

The cat round up marathon/clinic trip that was last Monday night through Tuesday night seemed to crank loose my goosey shoulder joint. Wasn't working that well last two days. It would make some popping noises, then my right arm won't turn right and shoots pain at me. This is followed by periods of arm numbness and shooting pains from the outside of my shoulder across my back to my neck.

I'm used to this by now. Not much I can do about it but go to bed.

I tried to get out to do something today. I did some things, then everything shut down--my brain, my body and I wisely went to bed and slept many hours with really nice cat dreams that made me wake up smiling.

I over did things slightly with the last clinic trip. Under slept. Over worked. But what am I going to do? Sit around? Do nothing? That was a darn fun adventure, worth the long hours, the tiredness, worth everything, worth the shoulder problems. Wouldn't have missed it, wouldn't have not done it. Never. Grand time!

I got to sleep today until I was done sleeping and that was wonderful. Not everybody gets the chance to catch up once behind like that. I am lucky.

My body thanks me. You're welcome, body. Shoulder already is treating me kinder.

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