Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Death of Oregon Children

There have been two terrible instances of children swept away in Oregon waters recently. In Albany, a man drove too close to a swollen creek and his car was swept into the creek. Inside the car, besides the man, were his young son, his girlfriend and her toddler.

New details have emerged about how the young woman, only 18, frantically worked to free the children, both in car seats in the back, as the car filled with water and was swept into a very long culvert running under an Albany intersection.

The man had gotten out, then tried to go into the water to help free the children but was swept through the culvert. He popped out on the other side where he was found by rescue people. His young son did also, freed finally by the young woman, the boy's grandfather said. But the little boy was face down in the frigid creek. The young mother a hero. Cathy's body was found the next morning submerged in Periwinkle Creek. Her own young son's body also was found.

The man's son is in critical condition. The little boy may not make it.

Over the weekend, a little girl was swept into the Clackamas River out near a Hot Springs off a forest service road. The family had traveled to a remote location to play in the snow. There was no cell reception. The father raced along the swollen raging river as his daughter was swept away, trying to keep up. But he couldn't.

They had to drive some distance to a small store, to call for help. The store owner, who ends up helping all sorts of people, usually motorists stuck in the snow, said he will never forget the look on the faces of those parents when they came in seeking phone service, the father wet and wrapped in towels.

Her body has not been found but several pieces of her clothing have been found. Searchers believe her body is submerged beneath debris.

Four adults, two climbers, one from Oregon, and two snow campers are missing on Mt. Rainier and now presumed dead, although both parties were well equipped for winter weather. However, heavy snow and vicious storms moved through the area and neither group had skis or snow shoes, to aid them in getting out. After many searches by very capable mountain rescue groups, the efforts have been scaled back.

As if these tragic accidental deaths were not enough for Oregonians to absorb, twin babies suffered deliberate abuse by a Linn County father, allegedly. Doctors examining one baby found evidence of severe abuse and notified authorities. The twin was then examined and was found to have similar injuries. These included broken ribs, broken legs, and contusions.

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