Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cozy Christmas

I don't want Christmas to be over. I love the lights. I love the coziness of my lighted tree and decorations and the lights outside I hung with care from my eaves!

I know lots of people don't like Christmas for various reasons. I love Christmas. I love hearing from people I haven't heard from in ages or hear from just at Christmas. I love getting cards. I love the chocolate. I love the lights and general goodwill feelings. I love watching the same old movies, like "It's a Wonderful Life", "Grinch", both the animated and Jim Carey versions, "The Polar Express", "Christmas Vacation". I just love Christmas.

I have been making a cat house, a fort type cat house, out of eave pieces thrown out in Millersburg. I figured I wouldn't alter them much, just use them as sides to a slanted cat house, insulate those eaves, cover the open side, add a bottom, back, front and roof. I have been busy, so I never finished it, but am doing so now.Here's the Slanted Eave House. All it needs is a roof and shelf. Be done then, just have to deliver.
These are the eave pieces given me as scrap out in Millersburg. I have four. Two have become an almost finished Fort Knox type Slanted Eave House for cats.
Jade, also formerly of Millersburg. Jade is a peacemaker, the sweetest little girl! She loves Sam, tries to stop bullying, runs to any cat expressing anxiety or angst. Jade is wonderful.
Valentino!Calamity, orignally trapped on Lyons street, a few blocks from my house, where I got many cats fixed. She was one of three kittens born to a thrown out mom, who is now fixed. One kitten was killed before I trapped the two sisters, one of whom got a home. Calamity didn't and remains here. She torments Fantasia, attacking her in the litterbox, which has led to some litterbox issues with Fantasia. I didn't realize this was going on for awhile, and was angry with Fantasia for outside litterbox peeing.

This turns out to be a rather common bullying tactic with cats, to attack other cats while they use the litterbox. It leads to out of litterbox peeing. I had no clue before having so many. Now I watch for this behavior and isolate the bully for awhile.

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