Monday, December 05, 2011

Back to Millersburg

I was back trying to catch another kitten there, same place Sam came from, way back when, and Oci. After I caught the 15 abandoned by the woman who left her trailer, I was back again, when the feeder called to say there were two adults and a kitten there. I caught all there and the woman's mom took in the tame adult female and her kitten. I never heard from the feeder woman again. But I heard from a couple who had seen cats there. The feeder woman still feeds but would only communicate through the cat loving couple.

Even with the road closed for construction, I carried the traps in and caught six more, along with a 7th a block away. But I knew there were at least two more. Last night I went over and sat there, watching, and saw the kitten I'd missed. Tonight I caught him.

The interesting cat is the massive long hair gray tabby on white. He's a huge male and the kittens LOVE him. They followed him around, when he showed up, like he was some god. I didn't catch him, not last night and not tonight, as dense fog enveloped the area.

I'd set up my drop trap and then a battery LED closet light beside it, so I could see, peering through binoculars, which cats were under it eating. All four fuzzy kittens came out immediately, along with the black long hair male, to gobble food. I yanked the cord, thinking there was just the unfixed kitten and one of his fixed sisters under it. But when I ran to cover it, I saw there were two black fuzzies under it, along with the short hair black tux who needs fixed. I checked, just to be sure the black fuzzies had the ear tips and they did, then I let them go.

I stayed put awhile, hoping Mr. Awesome would show, but he didn't, so I packed it in. Frost is forming on cars already. The night will be cold.

I have orders for two more housing units. I started one, but same old problem-paint takes a long time to dry when my garage is FREEZING! Oh well, when it dries, I'll get on with it.

I'm rounding up cats for the trip later this week. I'm trying for six Albany cats tomorrow, but I haven't heard back again from the one caregiver of three. I hope she's still all in on this. The other one is gung ho. I have a tame male hopefully will be brought over, showed up at the campus colony, probably abandoned. Or lost. And another showed up at Tattoo Prairie, also abandoned. The guy has a big heart though, and feeds this latest arrival too. I took him a carrier and he's supposed to put the cat in it tomorrow evening or Wednesday or sometime soon. Hope that goes ok.

I've after two leftovers on the Albany street colony. Now that is one nice couple there taking on all the strays in that area. She thinks she can finally nab that big gray inbred looking male. I petted him when I saw him on the street. Now she can too. Stuff him in a carrier time, when he's off his guard. Then there's the one wild kitten left to catch. She's taking her inside once caught and fixed, to tame like she did the others in that litter.

She lost one of the little boys, fixed a month or more back. He got ahold of something, an aspirin she thinks, and somehow swallowed it. He died within a day. Pretty sad stuff. She loves them so. She hasn't had luck finding homes either.

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