Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You

What am I thankful for?

Pretty much everything.

Being still alive. That's a big one.

Having a roof over my head, always amazed at that.

Having a car.

Having a pile of cats who love me.

Still have all four major limbs and most needed organs. At my age. Go figure!

Being fricking rich, compared to most of the world. Sure, in the U.S., I might be way under poverty level, but man alive, to have all of the above (roof, car, all my limbs, food), that makes you rich.

I'm thankful no whackos have set off a dirty bomb yet.

I'm thankful old Val got his bad teeth pulled and lived through it.

I'm thankful old Val got his bad teeth pulled so he's no longer spreading yucky stinky drool all over my face when I hold him.

I'm thankful Buffy coughed up that hairball and now is in a much better mood.

I'm thankful for people I've never met, never even talked to, don't know what they look like, sending me cat food and even music, from afar.

I'm thankful for the Snipped clinic down in Coos Bay and it's wonderful staff.

I'm thankful to cats everywhere and I'll end on that because I can go on and on.

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