Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Orange tabby, Ear Tipped, at Heartland

Heartland called me this evening. Someone trapped an orange tabby, very small one, just west of Philomath on highway 34. The cat will be killed there, since he or she is too shy to be considered adoptable. Heartland wanted to know if by chance I might know the cat, since it has an ear tip. They don't want to kill it, if there is a way to get it out of there.

I don't know the cat. I only know of one ear tipped orange tabby in the Philomath area and that one was originally an Albany kitten adopted out two years ago to a Philomath woman. I can't get a response from her on whether it is her cat at Heartland or not. I don't know why. This is the only photo I have of that orange female kitten, adopted out two years ago. Impossible to say if its the same cat or not. They change so much from kitten hood to adult hood. I bet it isn't the same cat. Wish her owner would respond and let me know.

Photos don't tell the real story ever on color accuracy. However patterns are generally true. Age changes lots of things with cats including pattern distribution as the cat fills out. But the adult cat photo has orange and orange dots in the whisker field and the kitten doesn't. Therefore I do not believe it's the same cat.

The cat may well have been trapped elsewhere and dumped out there, too, where he was eventually trapped. However a feral cat, if trapped then transported and dumped, is usually after that, very much trap shy. They've gone through extreme trauma by trap already. I conclude the cat originates from somewhere in that area or was relocated by some rescuer or private party and not held for any time by new caretaker and the cat is now booking it back home, or was trying, when he was trapped. Or that this cat was ear tipped when fixed, then abandoned by his owner or owner still lives in the area but allows the cat to free roam.

I don't want to go look at the cat, because my heart will go out to it and its impending fate of death. I'll want to bring it back here.

I don't get any adoptions however. I can't take in more.

I have no way to adopt out cats or even post them on craigslist now without getting someone else to do it. Craigslist thinks I live in France, for some reason. I think my account got hacked.

I feel for that doomed orange tabby and wish I had somewhere for it to go.

I changed my oil today and tried to change my PCV valve. I took off the old one and was going to install the new one when I realized it was the wrong part. My PCV valve is threaded. The one I bought is not and it's plastic and crap. My PCV valve was badly stopped up. It didn't rattle like it is supposed to do. I spent a lot of time cleaning it, spraying it repeatedly with WD40 since I had to put it back on, regardless of whether or not it was clogged.

It was terribly rusty and the spring valve inside it was rusted to the main body of the valve. Big chunks of rust finally dropped out and I kept at it. Finally I got it clean and put it back on. I took the wrong part back and tomorrow morning they are supposed to have the right one. This time, they showed me a photo of the part they ordered and I nodded "yes", that was the right one.

Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like the car runs better with the PCV valve cleaned out and unstuck.

I've got to get a new air filter too. They're expensive, like $20, and not easy to change on my car. In fact, they're a pain in the butt to change.

I am going to clean off the front of the radiator tomorrow too. Get it free of debris so it works free and clear.

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