Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The tree is down and gone. Before they arrived, to do it, the tree people, I was up and at it early, removing all the cat wire from the cat yard. This was hard on my neck. At one point, my neck and head began to vibrate!

I also had to move out all the covered litter boxes and cat beds.

It was interesting to watch the guy climb the splindley maple branches, to set a block with pulley, way up high, to use to lower branches. He flew around the tree, in his harness and spikes, like a monkey jumping branch to branch. Looked like fun.

They cut up the biggest branches in pieces suitable for firewood, once seasoned, which is at least a year for maple. I hope I can sell it wet and unsplit, to someone who can stack it somewhere to season.

I've still got tons of work to do, including putting back up the cat wire, a very difficult task on my neck. Am worn out now.

I had them leave six feet of the trunk for the cats.

The treeman.

The block.

Monkey in the tree.
Limb by limb, it goes.
Branch lower.
Big limb lowered.
Sawdust shower.Almost down.
Bare and stark, the trunk.Chunks of trunk and branch. Hope to sell it as firewood, although unseasoned and unsplit.
The second maple, the one still standing, is in bad shape, too, and has a broken branch.

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