Monday, September 26, 2011

Marketing Cats on Twitter?

My latest fumbling attempt at rescued cat and kitten marketing revolves around Twitter.

I've been searching out accounts in this area, then "following" them. If they follow me back, then they get my tweets which include cute fuzzy photos and stories of cats who need homes.

If I find even one or two cats a home in this manner, will be worth the time consuming task of going through thousands of local twitter accounts and trying to not follow the spam accounts.

I'm not very up on this stuff, but can't hurt to try.

My brother is going to have a tree guy come and cut off the bad branches above the cat wire, so I won't have to mess with re attaching it, which is super wonderful, given my current neck issues.

I so far have only two for sure cats lined up for the next trip to the clinic, but have three places I"m going to try to trap for the clinic. Hard to be in three places at once, however, which is the downside of all eggs in one basket (one day sporadic trips) to fixing clinics. No more can I say to myself, "If I don't get her tonight, I can catch her tomorrow and run her up to be fixed." Nope. Those days are long gone.

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