Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I call my garden the no effort garden. I put embarrassingly little effort into growing anything. However, I had no effort strawberries for breakfast for two months. I had lettuce and kale. I had cherry tomatoes grow that I forgot to water. I have green onions and chives coming out the yin yang. I have catnip growing that I clip to give fresh to my kitties. Now I have potatoes, squash and beans, too. These are the no effort vegees, perfect for me.

I finally have bush beans coming on. I had given up on them, after such a terrible spring, with rain and cold late into summer. But they suddenly burst to life and have given forth my favorite vegetable, or one of them, yellow bush beans.I had almost forgotten them, and had not even bothered watering.

I've had squash, a variety of acorn squash. Squash grow themselves, no work, no fuss. This year, mildew has plagued squash plants of all varieties. Mold. Fungus. Oregon! Have so far harvested about 14 and eaten about half of them, baked with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. Yum! Today I am making soup out of a couple of my squash.I've had trouble with incomplete or nonexistent pollination. Bees are scarce anymore. I have a few bumble bees, but never saw the usual honey bees. It's getting bad for pollination.

I planted a few potatoes. I just throw sprouted grocery store potatoes in the dirt and they grow. I like them small, the "new potatoes", then I boil them, or roast them or bake them or fry them. I've had plenty of potatoes, also without any effort on my part. This is good. My thumb is not green.

I rely on my garden for fresh cheap food and it has, despite my inadequacy as a gardener and lack of effort, not failed me.

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