Friday, September 23, 2011

Craigslist Posting on Eugene Animal "Flippers"

Sounds like, according to the post, these folks are classic "flippers". Flippers lie to you, to get your dog or cat, and prey on people desperate to find their cats or dogs homes, so they won't end up "killed by shelter". They are usually adept at lying. They immediately try to resell your beloved pet to anybody with the money. Your dog or cat could end up anywhere or dead. Flippers need taken to court and charged with fraud, end of story, because they are liars and practiced at the art.

They look for purebred looking animals. Sometimes flippers will fabricate pedigrees and breeder papers. Whenever you are rehoming a Siamese or Himilayan or Persian or Bengal, you have to be on guard for flippers. They're another greedy group of people exploiting animals.

Warning: "Cute dog must find home" "Male Black Lab" "Brodie" "Trendy" (I5 Corridor: Eug, Corv/Alb, Salem, PDX)
Date: 2011-09-23, 11:06AM PDT
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BEWARE!!!!! The people "rehoming" these dogs are not honest people and they are likely lying about everything related to the dogs. Please think before paying their "rehoming" fees (which by the way, they usually get the animal for FREE and then sell it for a profit, sometimes flipping 5 or more dogs at a time). Even if you contact them and want to adopt the dogs, PLEASE BE AWARE: The information they give you about the dog's training, medical history, compatibility with other animals and breed will likely be FABRICATED as these people have NOT owned the dogs since they were young, even though that is what they posit. Be careful in knowing that the dogs may not be as good a fit with your family as they make it seem.

DO NOT REHOME YOUR PET TO THESE PEOPLE! They are looking to make a quick paycheck and sometimes even re-home the dog they acquire on the SAME DAY. They will not give your pet a forever home and are VERY convincing in their lies.

Their names are Shana and Tom and their numbers are 503-998-5224 and 541-606-3522!!!!! They are making profits off of YOUR pets. (Google these numbers, you will find multiple listings on other approved pet sale sites AND, you'll see the CL ad on Sept. 4th Eug. CL, where they are actually seeking to "Adopt" a small to medium dog, about 2 weeks ago!) They have all these dogs listed from Eugene, all the way north to Portland, and every city in between. Don't fuel their business!

AGAIN: Beware of Shana and Tom: 503-998-5224 and 541-606-3522!

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