Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mug Shots of the 8 Albany Ferals Fixed Yesterday

Below are photos of the 8 cats, all strays on one Albany two block street, fixed yesterday, along with the five kittens here, waiting for homes, from the 71 cat VV colony. Pebbles, Bambam, Surri, Grumbly Rumba and Giggles from the VV colony were fixed, along with the Albany 8 below.

Young Siamese mix male, who had a bad cold, fixed yesterday.

Muted calico fixed yesterday. She is probably the mom of the long hair tabby on white female kitten, I was told this morning.

Black tux female, fixed yesterday. The vet said she had had kittens very recently. However, she was not lactating. I asked the woman who feeds this cat and three others about that when I returned the cats. She had said the female had three kittens and they did away with them, having too many strays to care for already.

Torti teenager, fixed yesterday.

Smoke black male teen, fixed yesterday.

Medium hair black tux female, fixed yesterday. A woman had three cats in her garage, from the neighborhood, until she could find some way to get them fixed.

Black female, who had also been confined to a garage, until the woman could find a way to get this neighborhood caste off spayed. Happened yesterday!

Tabby on white long hair female kitten, sad case, but a neighbor took her in this morning, when I returned the cats, so she is off the streets and fixed!

These two cats actually still need caught and fixed. Then there are two more cats, strays from the neighborhood, one woman keeps inside, until they can be fixed, along with one of the females four kittens, who are about old enough to be fixed. Then roaming outside, besides the below two cats, is a small torti female with newborns and a skinny black male. Right now, because of the torti's newborns, there are only three more outside cats on the street, that I know of, who need fixed, plus two adults inside and four kittens. Let's say five more adults and four kittens on the list right now, including these two, below. The gray tabby is a hated male on the block because of his fighting and marking behavior. I believe the gray tabby tux might be a male.

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