Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Latest Lebanon Horror

I went to help an old woman in Lebanon with her cat issues today. I had no idea it was as bad as it is, with kittens screaming everywhere.

Some senior helper contacted me. The 86 year old woman says nobody will help her.

Her neighbor wants to limit her to two cats and has borrowed a live trap to "deal with the others". I asked him for assurances since I'm beating myself to death helping others out, paying my own gas and bait, killing myself with such schedules, to help with these cats, and I wanted him to promise he would not harm them.

He became very angry that I would ask that, for some reason, trying to complain loudly to me about the cats, and that I should be adopting them out, etc. I was supposed to take his complaints and say nothing, promise to solve it all for him personally, like some slave I guess. And I refused. I said the neighbors should all help find them homes and should have helped her get them fixed. They are caste offs from assholes in the area, who don't fix their pets then move and leave them.

I again, voice raised, told him I'm a volunteer, a private person, laying out to help, and I see no reason why neighbors shouldn't help neighbors. He became angrier at me and ordered me off his property.

To try to limit the number of cats a neighbor has is a control freak type of thing. He'd only say that because she's very old and a woman. Real men help their neighbors and have hearts of gold and the balls to show it.

I told the old woman maybe her son could reason with the neighbor, who has tons of junk everywhere. She puts up with his junk. He puts up with her cats occasionally on his property. His own cat free roams.

Give and take.

Hard for me to deal with all this, with six newborn kittens in the dirt outside under a bush. More screaming from inside a next door neighbors shed, inaccessible to me, and five more behind a fence screaming. I was able to reach in and grab three of those five behind the fence by laying on the ground and reaching through a hole.

The Siamese mother who just had the six kittens, moved four of them, within an hour, but left two to die. I went and bought some KMR and fed them, and the older three I'd grabbed through the hole in the fence, then came home with the six adults I trapped, in my car, along with the five kittens, and stopped in at Safehaven to beg, on my knees, for help for the kittens.

Thankfully, they took all five kittens.

One of the adults in my car, who is white, has ear skin cancer. He likely will have to be euthanized.

They also asked why I now have to drive all the way to Coos Bay, so I told them what happened with the vet clinic I was using. They use the same clinic. And, coincidentally, had exactly the same problem with female cats fixed there a day or two before I took in the 8. They were told, as I was, that the problem was calici, when it was not.

That is extremely interesting that cats done probably two days earlier than those I took in, had similar problems and that the clinic was allegedly informed of these problems but did not remedy the situation, so more cats suffered. That's not right.

I have twenty reservations tomorrow and have caught only six cats. That's not good either.

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