Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye Giggles and Bambam

Giggles, the laughing calico kitten, and Bambam, my shoulder boy, just went to a home together. A nice young couple came, made over them all, chose Giggles and Bambam, in the end.

Good luck, kids! We'll miss you here.

Happy's new name is Buzz. Happy was adopted by a neighbor. Billy's new name is Mini Cooper, Cooper for short. I forget what Humphrey's new name is. I'll have to check on that and report back.

As for Giggles and Bambam, the couple love the name Giggles. I'll have to wait and see if those two get brand new names, or a few names. Lots of names are ok, for kittens and for people. Sometimes they all fit.

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