Friday, August 05, 2011

8 Albany Cats Fixed Today. One Dies in Surgery.

I took up 8 Albany cats to be fixed today, including Winnie, who has been in my bathroom for some time, the Siamese girl kitten from the VV colony.

I took up five cats who used to be kittens roaming the brush in Corvallis but who have been fostered in Albany for awhile now. They were ready to be fixed.

I took up two teens from an apartment complex. It was the boy of those two best friends, who didn't come home. He died suddenly during surgery. His heart stopped. He could not be revived.

The news was devastating to me. He was well loved by his owners, who found him abandoned down along the river in an Albany park.

The news affected me badly. I was in the bank drive through up there, getting some money. Since it was taking some time, I called the clinic to see if the cats were all done and ready. They were. But then the vet came on the phone to tell me the little boy didn't make it. I was upset.

Way later, when I was home and had delivered all cats back to their respective places except Winnie, who would come home with me, I was trying to find the money I took out at the bank. I couldn't find it. Then I looked on the floor of the passenger side and found the mnemonic air tube from the bank, with my funds inside it.

OMG, I thought.

I'd been so upset to hear of the little males' death, when waiting for my cash, that I'd taken the whole tube and not pulled out the money and put the tube back. I thought, "I'll be arrested!"

I tried to find the bank's number by calling 411. I got a number, but it was "no longer in service", according to the message when I was connected from 411. I then called the 800 number for the bank and spent quite a lot of time navigating the phone tree to find a human. When I did, she could not find a way to contact the bank branch either and said I'd have to drive up there with the tube tomorrow. I told her it was an hours' drive and then she apologized, saying she has no knowledge of Oregon or distances between towns. At that point she advised me to take it to a local branch.

I rushed to the local branch, since it was almost closing time on Friday for any bank. I arrived and was going to take the tube from Wilsonville inside the bank branch, when I realized Winnie was still in my car and it was hot and I couldn't leave her in the car. So I went through the drive through there, too.

When my turn came, I told the teller, through the intercom system, the whole tragic story, ending with "And I didn't want to be arrested so I'm returning it to this branch".

I think I heard giggling, from the teller manning the drive through. I guess this happens all the time. People accidentally take off with the tubes.

I should have made a cat toy out of it. Put some marbles inside it, close it up, the cats would love that. Or fill it with catnip.

I could have written a message, closed it up in the tube, sealed it with glue, and thrown it off the south jetty out into the Pacific Ocean at the coast. Message in a bank tube.

I could have added sand to it, or lead pellets, and used it as an exercise device, running up and down the streets pumping it up and down to bulge my biceps out.

I could have used it to store food in out camping so the bears wouldn't smell it. A bear proof bank food tube.

I could have made a candle holder out of it that glowed. Or a lava light stand.

I could have used it as a real bank, to store my change, until I wanted my change to buy something, like bail to get out of jail for stealing a bank mnemonic transaction tube (BMTT).

It was so shiny my eyes were attracted to it, once I discovered it on the floor of my car. Such a trinket!!!! Oh my.

But I, the true and blue honest to goodness good girl I am, rushed and rallied around, exhausted already, worn out and sad over the little dead boy cat, phoning frantically, to return Wells Fargos' little plastic bank tube, when Wells Fargo, the bank, owes me $100, because of those bad vaccines I got with their card. They supposedly had my back in their defective product card use coverage but they blew my claim off. Oh yeah baby, I remember.

Wells Fargo didn't accidentally disregard their defective product claim in the contract for their card like I accidentally forget to put the tube back in the vacuum machine at the drive through. No, I supplied ample proof, that the vaccines arrived at 70 plus degrees, including photos of the mushy package and the temperature on a frig thermometer inserted inside and the product statement that states the vaccines should not be subjected to temperatures anywhere near 73 degrees, because they begin to degrade. I supplied the e-mail from the stupid company owner, that stated she had inside information that vaccines didn't really degrade with exposure to high temperatures, that a vet told her once that wasn't true. Forget all the science behind the degradation and the product's own fact sheet. Her supposed superior cold shipping containers, nothing more than reflective sheets you buy in a roll at Home Depot. She'd taped it together, which she denied, claimed it a special pouch.

You just don't think liars should get away with lying and ripping people off and disregarding all protocol on vaccine shipment and then to have Wells Fargo agree with her and say if I wanted to contest it further I could hire a consultant, like I'm made of money. They were blowing me off like I was dust in the wind, which I am to them.

I don't trust the entity now. I'm sure there's little parts/people within it good as good can be, but the entire organism, don't trust it. It's like those Pomeranians, three in five months, nice to my face, I turn my back, they attach to my calf. I can't ever trust them again. I can't turn my back on them or I just know I'm going to get bitten bad.

Me running around like a nutcase to return their little plastic tube then is particularly pathetic in so many ways.

How stupid can a person be.

The tube could have been a down payment.

I am who I am.

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