Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Long NIght

My vet told me last night when I picked up the seven cats fixed there yesterday to bring him more today. I decided to oblige. The Kind Man/Evil World colony is actually far larger than I first thought. I went over last night thinking I could trap a few easily.

However, it turned into a circus.

Little kids were running up to me and the traps, giving advice, making suggestions, having a grand old time. The caretaker himself could not leave the traps alone and was in and out constantly and moving the traps around. Then he'd come out to where I was watching traps in the driveway, which would scare off any cats there.

He's a really nice guy so it was hard for me to be firm enough to get the point across: "Go inside and don't come out!"

But very late, his daughter showed up. At first I was thinking that was more circus because she was out in the backyard too then and looking over the traps. All I'd caught thus far was a kitten and a possum. But she too is super nice like her dad, and said she'd talk to her dad about staying away from the traps and inside, to make it happen. That was a big help and afterwards, I quickly filled all traps.

I'd caught three from there the day before and they were fixed yesterday. Both females were pregnant. I was worried there were more preggies in this colony.

I watched Bella, the abandoned gray cat spat off male after male, who were after her. She's in heat. She didn't want them around her. A Lynx Point was on her all the time. Two orange short hairs were after her. A black tux was after her. Two black males were after her.

I caught one of the black males. I saw a gray tux male, besides the gray tux fake mom, who took over the calico's kittens because the calico was too much of a teenager to be a mom. I saw another torti. I saw two white teenagers. There's the blue point male I haven't caught yet. Cats were everywhere.

I caught a mostly white cat who had been in the man's garage, as a kitten up til three weeks ago, when he let the three go, out in a field across from his place. The cat was fat before, he said, now he's skinny. He never found the food the man leaves out over there, until recently, apparently, or was hiding out, as a young male, from all the big angry toms wanting to pick fights.

I finally caught Bella. Then as the kids went home to go to bed, and the man finally listened to his daughter and went inside, I caught one of the orange males and the calico teen, mother of the four or five kittens the gray tux female has taken over as hers.

The colony is a soap opera and so is the street.

So I caught five more. That's 8 now. There are probably ten more. I don't know.

The Wonder Woman caught a new arrival at her Lebanon colony. She's ninety something and traps her own cats. Wonder Woman, I call her. She caught the new arrival. I figured she would. She's something else again.

I got back home about 11:30 p.m. then had to do all the chores, including feeding the six cats still in traps in my garage. I returned the black male fixed yesterday from the Kind Man/Evil World colony. He was wide awake. I'm returning the other six today to their respective colonies. Four, including the two male kittens, who were fixed, are from the 5th Wheel colony. Supposedly that caretaker can catch that black female who got away from me when I tried to transfer her from my net to a small trap. That'd be great because I think she's pregnant too. There are already a dozen kittens out there. They don't need more.

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