Saturday, July 23, 2011


I decided to try to go camping later this summer, at the Newberry Monument. I tried to call to reserve a campground spot. However, when I was about to pay, the amount they wanted made the unimproved site $23 per night, instead of the amount listed on the website of $16. I asked the man why that was. He didn't know why the discrepancy and told me he would transfer me to a customer service team. After that, I was transferred back to the main phone menu and waited five minutes on hold for a human being then gave up.

I tried to log in to register then, but found out somewhere years ago, I had a user account there, with long forgotten password. I asked they send me a new password. They did, but it did not work. I tried again and auto service sent me another new password which didn't work either.

There you go. For now, I gave up. Guess if I go, I'll camp along a road.

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