Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too Many Free Kittens!

It is unbearable to look at craigslist and see the hordes of free kittens, often with their mothers, being offered up to anyone who will take them. You also already see people giving away the kittens they got free. ALREADY!

That's because they got the kitten on a whim and had no clue it might take some effort to take care of a kitten.

And yet people keep on selfishly breeding their cats. Click the post title, if you dare, and peruse craigslist for this area. It will make you cry for the animals.

Already, I have encountered so many cats in trouble. The numbers are astounding. And still the self-centered, those who barely notice anything but themselves or who serve other gods, like addictions, or who are just very selfish and see themselves as having the right to do anything they please, no matter how it affects anybody else, still they breed their cats.

There is no sense of continuity around here and one must sense the greater picture to act like there is one. If one believes they are an island, they'll act like they can not affect anyone or anything with their actions.

While tiny rescues and little people like me struggle and suffer to solve this, others blatantly cause it, with self righteous church like smirks or just complete utter apathy.

Where are the White Knights, swords flashing, when you need them?

Where are the Ninja?

Where the angels of god?

There's a time to be a nice. There's a time to love. There's a time for everything under the sun, including a time to tell the truth smack dab in someone's face.

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