Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rural Trailer Colony Abandoned

The woman whose daughter lived in a trailer just outside Albany called. She quit feeding her daughters' cats, whom I trapped to be fixed, days ago, she said. The daughter has moved to Lebanon. Her mother says she hopes they've run away.

"Run away?" I queried, "to where? They were born there and that place is all they know."

The trailer is going to be demolished by another segment of the family. I was not happy to hear this and urged her to do the right thing for those cats. This family owns quite a lot of land in that area.

I have begun to think fixing cats in this county is not worthwhile since people abandon them anyhow, fixed or not, without a second thought.

I don't like people calling me up to tell me they're not taking care of their cats anymore or left them. It hurts me every time until I want to cry, until the sound of the phone ringing makes my heart beat with anxiety.

People seem to want to confess their behavior and probably think I'll make it right for the cats. I wish I could and damn the humans.

The job is too much for one person.

I wish people would respect life. But you can't change people and make them respect life. I don't know how to anyway. I wish I did know how.

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