Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goodbye Suzy Q

Suzy Q, my latest yard stray, a little starving darling calico, moved on to another rescue today. They will seek to find her a home, since I have pretty much no luck here.

In the end, she had bonded with Sage, of all cats, who goes on exuberant "tears" at night, although she is not particularly graceful about it, knocking things over and running into sleeping cats who wake up snarling and hiss and rush off in an exaggerated tiff.

At first Suzy Q and Sage hissed and swatted at each other, being of like mind, but quickly Sage noticed Suzy Q is a player, who loves nothing more than to race around wildly. Sage admires such a trait and they became friends rapidly, as some of the cats here are too uptight for free for all play.

Now, just as quickly, Suzy is gone and Sage is mournful over it.

The woman possibly interested in adopting Valentino stopped by but was very tired after ten hours straight of driving. She looked him over up and down and left with a promise to let me know. She is coming back through first of July and if she decides he's for her, she'll pick him up then.

I missed out on an exciting event, according to my next door neighbor, the old man. I guess a couple days ago, he was sitting in his living room and looks up to see the basket of a hot air balloon right even with his window and just outside it, and the guy inside working frantically to try to get the balloon to lift up higher, to clear the houses, by firing gas into the balloon. The neighbor claims the guy and balloon then landed over a street.

I can't believe I missed something like that, a hot air balloon nearly crashing into my place and my neighbors place. Man alive, I miss all the good stuff.

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