Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Three White Kittens Left

The little weak white kitten, who was so cold and had the bite wound, died in the night.

Down to three white kittens from Siamese mom left alive.

Was informed by the owner down there at the seed company that an employee startled a black cat with kittens in a different part of the property last Friday. I began trapping there that night. When he went back, she had moved them. He didn't know how many there were, but at least two, and they were big enough to be up and walking.

None of the three black females I caught were lactating so I did not catch that mother.

I'm getting desperate over trying to place the business cats. I did call Nacho at the other warehouse who told me up front they're going to gas fumigate and that would kill cats and that they already have two cats whom they are getting out of there first, so they won't be killed in the fumigation.

So, at least he was up front with me on that and I know so I won't wonder if I should have called.

It's really an iffy thing, placing cats with any seed warehouse because the seed attracts rodents and seed eating birds and sooner or later, if a warehouse doesn't already have a good cat population, fixed and fed, as rodent patrol, gas fumigation is going to happen and that kills everything alive in a warehouse. They seal the warehouse first, then call in the gas contractors. It's expensive so the companies don't like doing it.

There is a bird issue at the other warehouses, where I'm trapping, but not a mouse issue inside the warehouses, because the cats take care of that there, that's for sure. It's a big job at such places, because of all that seed piled around. That's a calling card for rodents of all sorts, but also for birds. My car got zapparooed by birds when out there.

It's strange, though, like Hitchcock's "The Birds" movie. If I am out there and open the warehouse door, the birds start swooping in through the door beside me, inches from my face. There are all kinds of birds out there, but the predominant species in and around the warehouses are barn swallows, black birds of several variety and Starlings. There are thousands of them.

To the cat hating bird lovers out there in internet land: you want to see cohabitation, where the birds far outnumber the cats, who prefer the fat juicy rodents, who are far easier to catch? Every warehouse where I've trapped cats has had massive bird populations also. Conversely, the warehouses who don't have cats, who fumigate, also have no birds. Dead birds build no nests.

When cats kill rodents instead of chemicals, that know no boundaries, birds survive and thrive.

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