Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Took Back my Bathroom

I took back my bathroom today. I didn't spend all day resting. Most of it was spent in cleaning and doing even more laundry.

Then, I took to netting each of the business cats, in my bathroom, to give each a booster vaccine, and to flea treat and round worm each cat again. After this, I took them, one by one, to their new home, my spare bedroom. I want my bathroom back!

As I took each cat out, those left in the bathroom became testy and frightened, as their friends disappeared one by one. It was not easy, when they panicked, to stay focused, cat after cat, and force myself to keep at it. It had to be done and I am glad it is done and now the whole troop is moved to the bedroom where they will have more room and I can more easily socialize them.


I thought I could place them quickly, but...but have had computer infection problems, so I can't post them online. There have been a series of unfortunate events to prevent working to place them. I thought all along the seed warehouse would take them in exchange for my free labor. But they won't. The warehouse they recommended I ask won't take them because they are going to gas it. So I decided at least we could all be more comfortable as I work to find them a place.From left to right: Rogue, Stiletto, Cougie, Haley and Alexi (in the way back).

Dex is looking good after her latest near death experience. She is even gaining back some weight. I still give her fluids every day. I'll just make sure I always have fluids on hand along with 60cc syringes and 18 gauge needles and nutrical. When she needs fluids or wants on a heat pad, she puts herself back in the sick cage and waits for me to notice she is in there. No kidding she does.Valentino also is improving after his latest tooth pull event. Strangely, the hair that had not grown back before, after he was clipped for severe mats, is now growing back very quickly. And it's soft! Also, since his last tooth pull, no longer does he have a constantly running nose crusted in black. This was wonderful to get those terrible teeth gone for him. Chronic pain is not good on the body or the mind.

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