Monday, May 02, 2011

Five Cats Fixed Today

The US may have killed Bin Laden yesterday, but I finally caught that darn Lynx Point male, roaming my yard nights and making Sam nuts. He was difficult to catch because he is cross eyed and virtually blind for close up vision. He got fixed today!

I took up five cats to be fixed today. Three hail from Albany while two are from Monroe.This is the Albany girl, spayed today.

These are the two cats, in photos below, a boy, the Lynx Point, and a girl, the gray tabby, from Monroe who were fixed today:

I got stung by taking up one Albany male. The woman said nothing when I told her he'd be back early evening. I get back and call to let her know I'll be there in 20 minutes with him, and she's at some ball game and says she won't be home til after 7:00. I asked why she did not tell me this when I picked up her male. She had no good answer. This is her male.

She never called me, but I finally got him returned. I was very worried she was trying to dump him on me. But, turned out ok.

One of the Albany boys fixed today is that final male occasionally prowling my yard, the Lynx Point. He is one ballistic and frightened cat, too. I had to warn the vet clinic about him. He was literally shaking the trap in his rage over being caught and his fear.

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