Monday, May 02, 2011

Dex is Leaving Me

My precious Dex is leaving me, fading. She won't eat. I try to give her nutrical by syringe but she doesn't want it, so it's a fight. Her cold seems to be on the wane, but it didn't wane in time, I don't think. Her bad kidneys, you see, aren't filtering toxins out of her body. Her mouth, dry from dehydration, probably developed sores that make eating painful.

I've burned through almost every bag of fluids I've got. The antibiotic shot, Zach's rabies shot, cat food I bought today, these things are enough to break me for the month. I operate on almost nothing, you see.

There are so many demands on the little money I have. It doesn't help the price of everything is going up so fast. Gas going up. Food going up. Electricity rates way up.

Dex is paying the price of my poverty. No deluxe care for her as she dies.

And what if I have another cat this month with an emergency?

I have Valentino scheduled for a dental May 9. My online friend, Original Wacky, is trying to raise money for that dental. Last I checked, she had raise $140. The vet estimated the cost will be $500 to $600. I am up shit creek is where I am at.

I love Dex. Apparently her time on Earth is up. I keep trying.

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