Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dex, Valentino Improve

Dex is getting better, slowly but surely. She did use up yet another life in her latest kidney failure crash, precipitated by a cold.

I could not believe she pulled through. I am still giving her about 150 cc of fluids daily, at two times. But she is eating now and starting to look better. I learned quickly she gets depressed, then worse if in the sick cage more than one night. I do put her in it occasionally still, to be on the heating pad. I try to put someone else in with her, so she isn't lonely.

Thank you to all those who sent encouragement. Thank you especially to Connie in Orlando who sent me a bag of fluids plus special diet food for kidney failure cats. The soft food Connie sent was instrumental in pulling her through.

Valentino is also improving daily, although he's on pain drugs still, and acts paranoid on them, of certain sounds. Cat on drugs!

The FCCO clinic to be held this coming Sunday in Corvallis is way short of its target cat registration number. I've been scrambling to try to turn up colonies and have been unsuccessful. However I printed off fliers and yesterday took some to Crabtree, Scio, Stayton, Lyons and Mill City. I have never been to Lyons or Mill City before. That is beautiful country, with roads running along the north fork of the Santiam River.

There's a birthday amongst my readers. Jeanne, of Baltimore, how old are you now? Is it Sunday you turn............shall I tell?

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