Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Cats Fixed Today

An Albany pregnant female and a Silverton male got fixed today, courtesy of Poppa Inc.

The Albany cat, I was told, was just fat, not pregnant, but if she was pregnant and not fat, I was told, they didn't want the kittens.

So the fat cat was indeed a pregnant cat and she was fixed. One of her adult female kittens from a previous litter was fixed two weeks ago.

The Silverton male was a very very handsome boy and part of a colony. Hopefully the rest will be trapped soon for the fixing.

No more luck with the business cat trapping. The business was open today after being closed up since last Thursday evening. The problem in there is that anywhere the cats settle in or under, that stuff, whatever it is, gets used or moved and they have to move on to somewhere else to take refuge. There's just no place for them there. Also, the problem is they are not fed. I worry now, with a couple kittens, teens actually, out there, with their mothers here, who had to hunt, mainly pigeons, to eat, if they'll just starve if I don't catch them.

It's really tough to find cats and help them out of a large area that is completely locked up and fenced in when they're not even fed at one place. It's a real challenge to find them before they die. I've still got seven in my bathroom and they're taming down as they wait in limbo and as I stew over the safety of those still out there, especially the young ones and the pregnant female who may now have kittens. Imagine being pregnant and having to hunt, or to have kittens, and no food.

It's not a nice life they've lived. The ones here now are living it up and you should see how they've learned to unroll toilet paper in the night. Those darn ferals in my bathroom! Playing like there's no tomorrow.

I never heard another word from the Portland woman, who, when denied Sage, due to the tons of decorative glassware lining every windowsill and shelf in the place, pledged to adopt the older Valentino. Never heard another word.

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