Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nabbed Another Preg Female at Albany Business

Caught the above torbi, who is actually an abbytorbi, in coloration, last night, along with the already fixed calico. The calico joined the three others in my bathroom, waiting for some option, somewhere to go. The abbytorbi will be fixed tomorrow. She is the third of four pregnant females, that I know of, roaming that property. The fourth is yet to be caught. The kittens rarely survive there to even be seen, I was told.

Of the seven cats caught there so far, six have been females.

This is not abnormal. All reproductive age females there were already pregnant. The adult males have roamed off to impregnate elsewhere.

I am hoping they will agree to the very few adults returning to the property they know, once all are fixed. The two kittens are highly adoptable, once handled. The other two kittens, fixed and returned, likely are also. I think that's a good deal for the business--getting them all fixed, kittens gone, a handful of adults return.

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