Saturday, April 30, 2011

Exterminating Angel Press Publishes My Christmas Story--Sunville Times

Click the post title to go the Exterminating Angel Press as they publish the first two chapters of Sunville Times, my Christmas story.

I saw an article about EAP in the paper, and immediately went to their website. After reading about their online magazine, I knew it was a fit for Sunville Times, the original Christmas story I wrote a few years back and hoped to hawk for spay neuter bucks.

I waited slightly too late that year to even try to sell it before Christmas. I struggled long and into the wee hours before Christmas Eve, to get it into chapbook form on my computer and some copies printed off.

I was at a loss as to where to sell the copies I made. So, I took a homemade table down to the sidewalk across from Squirrels Tavern, to hawk it from the street on Christmas Eve afternoon. I had only one Christmas tape--Jimmy Buffet, A Pirate's Christmas. Something like that. I had a cassette player. Off I went.

Jimmy Buffet's voice got lower and slower as the batteries in the cassette player faded. Drunks at Squirrels screamed encouragement at me and hurled curses at passers by who failed to purchase a copy of Sunville Times.

At one point, an old Swede came by, doused in alcohol, and whispered hoarsely, "I don't want to buy the book. I want to buy you."

"I'm not a whore," I answered, "but buy this book and I will give you at least to the count of 15 before I haul out the pepper spray." I smiled. He bought the book.

I made $200 that Christmas Eve for spay neuter. Since then, outside of selling a few at a swap meet and Kate's friend selling a few at her used bookstore, the concept has laid idle.

That is, until I saw the article about Exterminating Angel Press. When I watched video clips of AEPs "Snotty Saves the Day", I knew I had found a site that likely would accept Sunville Times. They did accept it and will publish it in four segments, the last, right before Christmas of this coming year.

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