Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dex and the Bathroom Ferals

Dex is very weak. I took her up to the vet where she got a long term antibiotic injection. She still weighs in at over 7.8 pounds, so has not lost a great deal of weight. I cleaned out the sick cage and got her settled back in, on her heating pad, once home, then, since Miss Daisy was clamoring for it, let her inside. But when I tried to get her out, she raised a fuss. She wants to be special and in the sick cage and, of course, enjoying that heating pad. So for now, I let them be. Dex likes the company.

Unless I forget to add these, here are photos of the two cats fixed last Monday, thanks to Poppa Inc. funds:
Pregnant tame Albany female, fixed last Monday.
Silverton male Felix Jr. fixed last Monday.

I have 8 ferals in my bathroom from that darn business. I need to get to work on a solution for them. I am routinely petting Sassy and also Rogue, the one male, a teenager, whose sister, Tilly, was the last one I caught. Or re-caught rather. I had first trapped Haley, the calico, and her two teen kids from a previous litter--Tilly and Rogue, then released them after they were fixed. I thought the business was going to take them back, build housing units and feed them. I was wrong. When I re-trapped Haley, Rogue was right by the trap screaming his head off and screamed from the warehouse as I left with her. I set another trap and caught him within half hour. They were starved. I thought Tilly might have died, but re-trapped her a couple days ago. She was desperate and skinny, backbone prominent. But she's quickly fattening up and growing too.
Haley, the Business colony calico, and also the closest of the three adults to being tame. Actually there are only two adults of the cats so far caught, Misty, who is very feral, and Haley here. The third close to adulthood is Cougie, the abbytorbitux, who is late teen in age.Alexi, Sassy's sister, and oh so cute. I can't quite figure out who is the mother of Sassy and Alexi. They are sisters and the youngest of all the cats I've caught. Rogue and Tilly definitely have Haley's nose structure. Alexi and Sassy look far more like Cougie, but Cougie is too young to have had kittens I think. I could be wrong. However, the maintenance man believe there is yet another torbi/calico out there, not yet caught.
Tilly, Rogue's sister.Sassy!
Sassy again!
Tilly again!Rogue, who is very pretty.

I saw the feral housing units the business built for that other woman. They're nice, except they have only one way in or out. The manager said they could build some for me also. I said "Great! Can you make them just like that only with two entry/exit holes?" I then explained why they like that. He agreed to it. I'm excited!

I think Haley was once tame. She has not let me pet her, but will sit out in the open a foot from me, trying to get up the nerve. Rogue will tame and so will Tilly. Alexi will, if I get on it, and so will Cougie. The only one in question is Misty, who seems ballistic feral.

Interestingly enough, two of the males I caught at that apartment complex, which is on a side street that extends back to less than half mile from the back of the business, are also seen at the business. As is a third. I hope to catch him at the apartment complex where the catching is far easier. These males do roam.

Even more interesting, after viewing the three kittens from the last unfixed tame female I got fixed for a man there with four females, I asked who owns a Siamese male. Two of the kittens are Siamese and the third is an orange tabby with bright blue eyes.

I was then told someone abandoned two Siamese and one tenant took in one, while the other, the male roams. She described him and accurately described the male still visiting my yard on occasion. In fact, he was here again tonight, driving my cats nuts. Traps are set. So the actions of someone at that complex, who abandoned a Siamese male, are affecting me and my cats and pee marking behavior here.

I've come across more abandoned Siamese than you would think would happen. People love to get them as kittens. People with bad habits and who treat animals lousy get the kittens because they're cute then cut them loose, because they're lousy people to begin with and only get the kittens for status. I have a Siamese kitten. I'm cool. Woohoo.

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