Friday, March 11, 2011

Seven More Albany Cats Fixed Today. Need Homes for Eight Cats from Albany Complex.

Heathedale stray bobtail black tux male, fixed today.
Wild torti, sister of tame calico fixed Wednesday. She was fixed today.
One of four tame kitties fixed from a household near where the wild torti teen was caught. This torti point Siamese is named Cracker.
Gordon, long hair Himilayan male, fixed yesterday.
Flash, flaempoint male fixed yesterday.
Lucy, a torti who has had several litters, fixed yesterday.

(My photo of Swiper, a tame owned Chocolate Point Siamese, from another Albany location, didn't come out.)

I seven more Albany cats up today. All were from the same few blocks except one, a stray male trapped at Heatherdale trailer park.

In other news, the disabled woman feeding strays at an Albany complex has been told she can't feed them anymore. That means 8 to ten cats, some tame, abandoned by tenants, the commonplace practise in Albany, are very shortly going to have nothing to eat.

I'm so sick of these apartment managers who will not require pets be fixed then come down on anyone who feeds the strays, even when they're fixed, because of the tenant who is feeding them, the case here. I'm just so fricking sick of this sort of behavior.

Anyhow, the cats fixed today were three girls and four boys.

The Japan is terrible. The Tsunami, even worse. The nuclear reactor meltdown threat--scary and hopefully will be mitigated before reactor meltdown.

Damage was done in the Harbor over in Depot Bay, which is sixty miles west of me, and slightly north, and, I heard, in Brookings, also just over the CA border in Crescent City where a young man taking photos of the surge, drowned. I heard even Santa Cruz had harbor damage from surge force.

Click post title to go to story on damage to the harbor in Brookings, on the southern Oregon coast. Damage was extensive. Four people were swept into the water by the tsunami wave but survived.

I had not been watching news, and only found out about the earthquake and Tsunami while driving up I5 to the clinic this morning. All along the way, the Oregon Department of Transportation signs were running in big yellow digital letters: Tsunami Warning: Oregon Coast.

Here is something depressing: I e-mailed the city about the chemical smell in the air sometimes, more often lately, and they immediately forwarded my e-mail to Wah Chang, a plant that makes titanium parts. The fact the city would e-mail my inquiry to that plant alone to me meant they knew that was the source of the chemical stench. But Wah Chang, god bless them, blamed a nearby grass seed warehouse and rotting seed.

I told the city I didn't buy that, because I'd smelled this off and on since moving here. One person said she used to live closer to the plant, but still farther from it than I live, and would get whiffs of chlorine in the air sometimes. She now lives much farther from the plant.

I didn't know I was living in a chlorine gas zone, if that's what's in the air. I can't believe no one seems to care or why it would be allowed. I really cannot believe that. It's very depressing to think about.

I remember several years ago, talking to this guy who worked cleaning and repairing boilers, that sort of thing. He was drunk, loose tongued, and began railing against Wah Chang and how old and decrepid and unsafe their plant was and how their company wouldn't even go there anymore to do work due to the decripid equipment and safety issues. I never dreamed I'd be living practically next to it. I never knew where it was, really. I thought their whole operation was in Millersburg then, but that is not the case.

Guess I'm depressed. The massive loss of life in Japan seems to float over the entire Earth, like a vapor of crying lost souls, driven on in part by the lamentations of their loved ones.

My inablility to control the cat population even in Albany is also weighing on me. I thought that area where six of the seven came from who were fixed today was cleaned up. I got sixty or seventy cats fixed in a few blocks there over a couple of years. And now there are countless more. I can't seem to persuade people to fix their pets. Some of the people are the same players I run into over and over again.

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