Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Cat Photos

The big guy!
On my chest.
Big guy Valentino again, looking fluffy and angelic.

Teddy, originally from the Corvallis homeless camp.
Smolder, Sage's boy, stretching.
Poppy, the 34th street torti.
Poppy again. She's from the same complex as Valentino.
And Poppy once again.
Honey, from the homeless camp, cuddling with one of her buds, Brambles, from the HTN colony.
Meesa, the young mother from 4th street, who had her second litter, which included Echo and Fantasia, in a utility room. The people who fed them then told me they gave a neighbor permission to trap and kill them. So Meesa, once fixed, didn't go back there.
Zuli, from the Lebanon trailer situation.
Sage, looking beautiful as usual.

I've been keeping a low profile. Stress nearly killed me a week ago. I think it was getting Whisper back from Heartland that was the straw that broke the camel's back. That combined with the constant demands from that apartment complex, of getting the cats gone, meeting the feeder's needs. Then my car broke down on top of it all. I only took in two of the apartment cats because someone in Portland, won't name names, said they'd take the torbi and two teen sisters. So I went to get them. Then she couldn't take them for some reason. That was a low blow!!

I finally got it through to the woman, I think, at the complex that the stress of dealing with that was killing me. She hasn't e-mailed in several days.

Then Whisper being returned by Heartland, because she got a spot of ringworm.

I got depressed. Still am. Tough to do this alone, day in, day out. It would not be hard, if I didn't have all these cats here to care for too, and also to attempt to rehome. It's too much to do both the roundup and care for all these cats here, on no money.

The most beneficial to cats is the roundup for fixing, the prevention of births. I wish I could stick with that. I am now severely limited because I have too many here. That's sad.

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