Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tired Beyond Tired

I brought Valentino back. I got snapped at when I arrived with him at the lined up fosterer, and felt it best just to leave.

I was out til 2:00 a.m. trapping the Corvallis nursing home colony. Caught three more. That's good, at least. There are still five there needing caught, however. But, at least three more were caught. The first one, another huge male, I drop trapped right before the woman helping the former colony caretaker arrived.

Great timing because I was having a tough time getting him out of the drop trap and into a live trap. She came running and helped.

They'd fed the cats again, despite promises not to, which was aggravating, to say the least.

The helper could not stay long, had to leave, as she had to work today, but told me if I stuck it out longer, to call her if I caught any more and she'd drag herself out of bed to receive them. I finally drop trapped Stubs, a half tame little tabby with a short tail. I called her to let her know, then was about to pick up the other trap and saw another cat, one I didn't know, in it. So I took him along too, and dropped both off at the woman's house. She has to be dog tired today also.

She was ranting in my car while we waited on traps about how disrespectful it is of the nursing home to not only demand they be gone and ban the feeder, but then not to help by at least not feeding as they had promised. I mean, WTf?

We're not getting paid and sitting out there in the freezing cold worn out, to help out them. It's not like any of them would do a damn thing for us. Can you imagine, some nursing home administrator, coming over to my place to help me out for nothing, spending hours doing so, and their own money? Yeah, right. Like that would ever happen in a zillion million years. We laughed about that. Her rants sounded so much like me, when I would get screwed, in a volunteer job for ingrates. Cracked me up somewhat to hear it coming from someone else.

So this morning I had to get up early, after only three hours of sleep, to do pickups of Albany cats going up to be fixed. Eight are up being fixed, which is a good haul and good for the cats of Albany. I'm getting too old for this kind of schedule and intensive labor. My neck has been inflamed for weeks.

I then had the clinic give Valentino a long term antibiotic injection, since I thought he'd be in foster up there. I had him on my own antibiotics here, but the shot is so much easier on a fosterer. So that's why I did it, then rushed him on up to her house. But she was snipping at me, probably tired too, and it was too much for me to bear, so I left.

So back home I came with Valentino. I'm nervous about having him here. He smells still like a big male and this is prompting spray marking from my cats. I have only my bathroom for him and he often howls for long periods wanting attention, further eradicating my ability to sleep.

Plus, I think the home for him has fallen through. She has not responded when I e-mail. I'd asked her to call me but she never did. It's been a tough morning. I'm going to bed right now.

So, the nursing home cats did not get done at Heartland today, I got told. Guess I'm taking them up to be done tomorrow. I'm quite worn out and grumpy. I'm tired of paying the price of gas, which is massive now, to go up there, then have to sit in a rest area freezing to pass time til they're done. Tired of getting asked to do everything on earth for everybody. Tired, tired, tired. Need to find homes for cats.

Get an e-mail from my nephew, (those are rare as diamonds around my neck) asking if I've "downsized my cat numbers yet", like "did I have half of them killed yet, so I wouldn't be his crazy cat lady aunt?", that's how it came across to me. I'm sure he didn't mean it that mean. I asked him what he meant by "downsizing the cat numbers". No reply. I've asked my family for help finding cats homes but they're not into that.

It's tough to be asked to do so much and made fun of, called names and criticized for doing it, too.

My birthday is coming up fast. I wish I could have some fun with a bunch of fun people doing something I want to do. I just plain need some fun with other human beings.

What would I do on my birthday if I had my druthers? Go to a rock concert. I can't remember ever going to a decent concert. Ages ago, my brother took me to a Jimmy Buffet concert but it was mild, because it was indoors in the coliseum. You couldn't even dance. How pathetic is that.

We don't get many concerts around here, except country or country western which I hate.

That's one thing I think would be fun to do.

Here's the worst thing I could think of to do: Go to Denny's. Hahahaha. I can't imagine anything worse.

I don't like eating out much. It's not my thing. I imagine filthy kitchens and employees with dirty hands and issues, spitting in the food, (and worse) because I've known people who worked as cooks and they told me stories and it ruined going out to eat for me.

Usually, I don't do anything on my birthday that's different. Our family never did value birthdays much or pay much attention to them. I have a hard time remembering how old I am. It's no big deal. I'm just tired and feeling very used tonight because I'm tired out.

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