Friday, February 18, 2011

Photos of the 8 Albany Cats Fixed Yesterday

Eight Albany cats were fixed yesterday from four locations. In total, six females and two males were fixed.18th St. female, a young torti, Nina, fixed yesterday.
Davidson street male Shadow, fixed yesterday. Shadow was born under their house last summer. They found him as a bottle baby and the mother moved the rest. She moved them down to the apartment complex where I caught two of his brothers who were fixed at the Neuterscooter but then disappeared. Shadow is very much loved and well taken care of.

I took in three cats from 11th street in Albany to be fixed.This is Sparky, a handsome polydactyl orange tabby tux male.
This is Sophie, a young black tux female.
Sophie again.
Winnie, a medium hair torti, with only one eye. The other is white and clouded over.

I took in three females, two adults and one kitten, from Main Street. KATA had already taken in four kittens from this household.Chingching, Main Street female Snowshoe Siamese mix fixed yesterday.
Baby, gray tux adult female fixed yesterday.
Angel, gray and white female kitten fixed yesterday.
Angel again.

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