Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Boy Influx

My yard was suddenly invaded with big boys---at least three huge males. Why? My neighbor thinks that long hair young white female, trapped once inside my garage, is in heat. She might be owned on Marian. I will talk to the people who might own her. She spends most of her time in my neighbors yard, however, and she also feeds her. Like the orange and white male, always in my yard or hers, fed now by her and I. I flea treat him, too, or he loses hair, because his owners, and I know where he is owned, don't care for him much at all.

With an FCCO clinic today in Corvallis, I decided to try to trap the big boys last night. Instead, I caught a young possum, then the white cat, then the orange and white cat. Finally, this evening, I caught one of the big boys, the brown tabby, who is feral. The HUGE gray tabby sure needs caught and fixed. I had never seen him before yesterday. There is a big Lynx Point coming through also now.

I didn't go to the clinic. I slept again, through the evening, still recuperating from last Wednesday and Thursday sleep loss. However, I'd loaned a trap to the Hill street couple whom I had already helped with five cats, including three big boys, a mom and her kitten, Mr. Mo, whom they found a home for in Corvallis, after he was neutered. They had a new arrival male they called Big Head and did trap him early this morning. They'd already signed up to volunteer at the FCCO clinic and took him along to be neutered. I hope that went ok for Big Head.

These are the two nursing home boys neutered Friday. The third nursing home boy I'd trapped was tame and the folks helping took him to Heartland. Stubbs went to live, after his neuter, with a nursing home employee who lives in Albany.Big Boy, nursing home male I drop trapped who weighed in at over 15 pounds. With no homes to be found yet, for the 11 nursing home cats now in a shed in Corvallis, awaiting placement, this male was returned after neuter. Besides the 11 in the shed, which is actually a large room attached to someones' house, two nursing home male kittens are up with Poppa Inc's president, one is at Heartland, one was returned and then Stubbs went home with a nursing home employee.
Stubbs, young brown tabby nursing home male, fixed Friday.

Honey, from the homeless camp, adores Oci, who was abandoned with many others, including Sam, in Millersburg. Tonight Honey got a bath from Oci.

Smolder is getting big. He is one of Sage's three boys still here. Simba, the other black teen male, Smolder's brother, is much smaller.
Smolder Eyes.

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