Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Arab World Freedom and Snow a No Go (for now)

Arab nations are revolting against their disgusting dicatators. Iran's leader must sweat that out a bit at night.

I hope the freedom will extend to women. Arab nations are self described male dominated and women have few rights. In many Arab regions, women are regarded as nothing more than breeding stock and sex toys.

I won't be celebrating Arab freedom unless I hear the women will be full participants.

New Pet Peeve: Try to watch a short news clip or weather report video online, even a clip less than a minute in length, and first you must endure, for each and every clip, a fricking ad, that sometimes is longer than the clip. I don't watch CNN news clips anymore because it is too frustrating, with the ad thing on every short clip.

If you were watching CNN on TV and endured an ad every minute or two minutes, that would be the equivalent of attempting to watch news clip videos on CNN or other websites. It's not worth it.

I tried to watch a minute long clip on accuweather to check NW weather for tomorrow, and first had to watch a 20 second ad. Not worth it.

The snow did not materialize. Now they're saying tonight and tomorrow. I don't believe them.

The Monroe people with the four kittens cancelled for tomorrow just in case. That leaves four Albany cats scheduled to go up tomorrow. I believe I will cancel with the caretakers and clinic, just so I don't have to keep the clinic in limbo over the appointments.

I don't know what to believe from weather people. It was supposed to snow some last night and that never happened.

According to accuweather, a site with hour by hour forecasts, Albany is supposed to be having a snow shower starting in a few moments, but the sun is shining outside.

Planning a schedule around weather reports is not wise. Or maybe it is, in case for once they're right. But they're hardly ever right.

I think weather people are new age witch doctors, who dance around, waving things, yelling and chanting, blowing powders into the air, to predict the weather, for an awed spellbound audience of true believers.

Then they go home, take off the witch doctor garb, kick back on the couch, crack a cold one, and giggle. Weather person's kid comes in. Weather guy says, "Wanna know what daddy did today? Daddy made a lot of money telling people it's gonna rain tomorrow."

"But daddy, it's rained for three days. Of course it's going to rain tomorrow. Everybody knows that already."

"Maybe so, honey. But who is getting paid to say it's going to rain tomorrow? Your daddy is! High five me!"

So I'm waiting on my latest Amazon purchase. My nephew had suggested we could communicate through Skype. To do it, I'd need a web cam and a microphone. I thought those items would be horribly expensive, but, on Amazon, both items were about $10 or $12.

I still had money on a Visa gift card sent me by Frodannah! (Thank you Susanne). I'd used it to buy pyrantel at Amazon, but the bottle of pyrantel sent was thin, like water, even after I poured it out into a jar, expecting the thicker part to be stuck on the bottom. I showed it to a vet who said "There's something wrong with that." I gave the purchase a bad review, primarly because they did not contact me back when I expressed concern about the pyrantel.

The bad customer rating prompted an immediate response in the form of a phone call, from the online vendor who decided to just refund me through Amazon. So, Amazon refunded the pyrantel purchase to the Visa gift card. The amount was sufficient with another credit I had of a little over $6 to purchase the cheap web cam and microphone.

However, it's been, according to tracking records, sitting in Albany since Saturday and not yet delivered. I can't fathom why. Lost maybe? Maybe they smushed it, accidentally. Not sure what to do at this point. Hope they bring it today, I guess.

And if they don't? I don't know. The local post office does not have a phone number. You can't call them. I don't use them anymore because the wait time in lines can be record breaking. I use smaller post offices and often the one in Wilsonville, where lines move quickly and employees are friendly.

The tracking number still reports the package is: "in transit". It was scanned into the Albany Post Office on the 19th, however.

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