Monday, January 10, 2011

Simba and Smolder Being Returned

The boys, Simba and Smolder, are being returned tomorrow. "Too scared" is the reason cited.

It's ok, really it is. She's just being honest and is extremely busy with school. She's going to be a great vet one day. I know she will remember the problems of overpopulation. Maybe one day she will be the one to discover a solution or at least work towards that end. I have faith. It's ok. The boys are welcome back here. There will be someone else for them one day.

In other news, right now, in the 3rd quarter, the University of Oregon Ducks are getting chomped by the Auburn Tigers. Will they make a come back? Don't know. I'm not much of a fan, so you would have to ask someone else the odds on a come back at this point. Besides being briefly a student at OSU, U of O's rival. There was an article in the paper today, I heard, on the ambivalence of OSU fans on the big U of O game. Rivalries are hard to overcome, even if the rival is battling for a national champion and is also from Oregon.

There's been zillions of dollars thrown into the Duck team by some major Oregon business people who will be terribly disappointed if they lose now. If they lose, I wonder if they'll sit around regretting all that money blown. Or think, "Hmmmmm, we could have fixed every cat in Oregon, hell, on the west coast, with that same money and oh what a great legacy that would have been, creating permanent change and forward motion."

Oh well. Fat chance of that, eh?

I can dream, can't I?

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