Monday, January 10, 2011

Seven Cats Being Fixed Today

After last week's painful loss of the Heatherdale torti, who crashed under anesthesia, then died here, horribly in my arms, two days later, I didn't want to take in more cats. I was scared to death of taking in more. I knew I had to "get back in the saddle" quickly. Even so, yesterday, with appointments today, I wanted to call the caregivers of cats lined up and cancel it all. I didn't, but it was hard this morning, to drop them off at the clinic.

Today, an Albany female is being fixed.

Another female who would be having kittens if not fixed, copay or not, associated with neighbors of the people who contacted me about the colony where Forest came from, is being fixed today. No copay but the little girl will have kittens, if someone doesn't step in and get her fixed. So Poppa Inc. and I are stepping in.

Three more from Lebanon, two females and a male are also being fixed. This is a nice young woman, who gave a copay for each cat and flea treated them yesterday so I would not have to. I told her she was very responsible, that I don't see that much, people actually fulfilling promises. She chided herself for letting a mother cat have kittens to begin with. I liked her.

The other two are a male a female from the rural trailer. These came from the owner's mothers barn orignally, when very tiny and were adopted by the daughter, who also feeds cats on her porch, whom I trapped, one by one. I got eight or nine cats, all females fixed from her mothers' barn at the last FCCO clinic and have taken in about 8 from this trailer colony. Those cats live underneath the trailer.

So when I picked them up last night, the mother, who was there, tells me her daughter, who lives in the trailer, is moving, in a week or two. "Moving?" I say, "So what's going to happen to these two cats and to the outside ones?" The mother said she didn't know, maybe she'd try to find them homes. I said "Your daughter is leaving in one week, and no plans have been made for these outside cats? You can't just leave them. What about relocating them to your barn?"

She then complained about how many she is feeding now at her barn. I know it's tough on her. She's old.

So I stopped at a nearby neighbor I know and told her about the woman moving out and the cats. She knows about the cats because she helped me trap them, since the family didn't get involved. I told her the mother said the people who own the property are removing the trailer. I said, "I thought they owned that." The neighbor said, "They do. The daughter does." She is going to talk to the daughter in law, about the cat situation. The daughter in law is a cat lover so I hope they can find a solution for those 8 outside cats. As for the two being fixed today, they're tame, and I wish I had an option for these poor cats, caught up between a mother and daughter, with animals they allowed to breed.

I just have to work on ways to make money for Poppa Inc. I just have to. The need is so severe and cats suffer the consequences if not fixed.

Lebanon male "Crawl" in the foreground with Snowshoe Siamese mix "Helen" in the background on the right.
This black and white fuzzy Lebanon girl is also being fixed today.
Tigger, also a female from Lebanon.
This is the Albany girl being fixed today.
Puff, the rural trailer girl, with no future at all and nowhere to really belong in one or two weeks.
Puff's brother, in the same sad boat she is in, regarding a place to belong and be loved.

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