Sunday, January 23, 2011

Night Out!

I got invited to a movie by my Corvallis friends Jim and Jane. The movie was ok, we arrived just as it was starting, so no waiting through all those trailers, although I don't mind them. I've been to three movies now since just before Thanksgiving. That's more movies seen in a theater in three months than I've been to in ten years. Things are looking up!

The Kings Speech was the movie we saw. It was a man love movie, about a relationship between the then Duke of York and a speech therapist. The Duke had a speech impediment. He stammered, but soon would have to rise to his fate, when his brother, a philanderer, a.k.a. man whore, chose to marry an American divorcee stripper he met I think in Singapore. He could not continue as King and Head of the Church if he married a divorcee.

And so he left the throne and his stammering brother Albert, who took the name George, became King. Lionel, the speech therapist, insisted on calling him Bertie.

As war broke out in Europe, the new King had to rise to the occasion and make speeches. He finally overcame his stammer which arose from inadequacies he felt that went back to childhood and his father's treatment of him.

The main assetts of this movie were the period sets and clothing and the deep relationship between the king and the speech therapist.

After the movie, we went to get something to eat. At Shari's. I don't like Shari's. I did have a great breakfast there once a couple years ago in Wilsonville while waiting for cats to be fixed.

Jane and I ordered burgers. There was a long long wait before our food was brought, but not Jim's. I could see our plates sitting up on the shelf in the kitchen for some time, before the waitress finally brought ours but not his. I'm sure she brought them over knowing otherwise they'd be even colder. There was what appeared to be chaos in the kitchen with the cooks. The waitress had to field the brunt of the kitchen issues, however.

The burger was burned, yet cold. I couldn't eat it. Jim's breakfast finally arrived and he ate that. I thought maybe I should choke it down, anyway, because the waitress wasn't responsible. That's guilt for you. But I had a beer first and I drink very rarely, so it loosened my tongue. I became mouthy.

I told the waitress I couldn't eat the burger and refused another, citing the time it would take to produce it (probably another 40 minutes). While Jim ate, bunches of students came and went. Suddenly Jane goes, "Look at that. His pants are half off his butt!" I turned around and saw underwear firstly, then pants trailing off down below them.

It was a college student wearing his pants like a gang banger. "Intervention!" I said to Jane, enthusiastically, "Let's go pull them up for him." She wanted to pull them down. We conceded either way we'd be arrested.

Jim finally finished and the bill came. There was no charge for his breakfast or my burger which was great! And fair. I wanted to leave the waitress a tip, for putting up with bad working conditions (cooks that couldn't keep up with orders) but Jim said he would.

It was fun to just get out.

I'm terribly spoiled on food since I cook for myself. Like for lunch yesterday, I had a mixture of ricotta cheese, fresh avocado, green onions and garlic on an English muffin. That would be very hard to beat in a restaurant.

Then four days ago, I boiled macaroni noodles, and mixed into it olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic and ricotta cheese. I froze leftovers and ate the same thing for four nights and wish I had made more. It was delicious.

The cats are driving me nuts tonight. Fantasia has some bone to pick with every other cat tonight. I can't seem to find anybody a home. I'm getting one useless dresser out of here, that just takes up space. It has fallen apart so I removed the drawers a couple months back to let the cats use it as a bed, but the spaces are too narrow for even that between the former drawer bottoms.

So it can get gone from here, leaving me more space, which is good. I'll salvage what wood I can from it, and try to somehow get rid of the rest of it. That isn't easy either, the getting rid of the rest of it part.

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