Friday, January 07, 2011

Back East Adoptions

I got a call from NJ this morning. A man wants to adopt Nemo, said they just lost an older black tux and it nearly killed his wife in grief. They live in Pennsylvania. He wondered if it was even possible to get Nemo there if they did adopt him. He sounds so nice over the phone. I promised to look into it. In the meantime, he said he would have his wife contact me by e-mail, which has not happened. I believe they've decided against such a fantastic scheme.

I talked to my brother, however, Mr. travel man, who said it is outrageously expensive unless someone flies with a cat in the cabin. I won't do it without someone flying with him, even after I check these folks out.

I also contacted a New York state small rescue I like--because I bet they have or know a cat who would fit the bill real close by this family.

Anyhow, if they checked out, if there was a way I could transport him, would I adopt Nemo out to the east coast? Yes, and I'd take Sage along, to adopt to Jeanne and her family at the same time.

See I'm thinking I'd take them in the cabin and visit the exotic east coast of America and all points of interest in the process. Yes, I am romanticising, daydreaming.

I keep remembering how wonderful Alaska airlines was to me, when transporting Tiny Tim to Huntington Beach. They treated Tiny Tim and myself like royalty. If I had not been so exhausted, I thought then, "Well, I could just live like this, on an airplane, flying around with cats and those nice flight attendants." That's because I wasn't used to such royal treatment.

In reality, travelling clear to the east coast with a rescued cat is very hard on the cat. Sage would make the trip without a blink she's so laid back. Nemo might also, but not without me at their side to attend to every need or whiff of fear they had. I won't do it otherwise. I won't put a cat through that.

Nice as this man sounded on the phone, if they contact me again, I will have to say "no".

Travelling, seeing a sight other than I5 and Albany, the cement city, I should like to do that, get off the concrete and asphalt. There is no escape here in this town from concrete. I sit in a trap of it, surrounded by private property "farmland", although it is used to grow a luxury product, grass seed for lawns, parks and sports fields, not food.

Lawns are a curse. People around here, all unemployed pretty much, spend their time nit picking their tiny space of lawn out front, spraying it with all sorts of chemicals, to kill this or that, judging others by how well they keep their ten by twenty feet of lawn. It's so pathetic. It's such a waste of space and money and time, to maintain a lawn and spray it down with chemicals to kill all the bugs and other plants, sideways killing everything that would otherwise eat the bugs and seeds that end up laden in chemicals. It's beyond ridiculous.

There's nowhere one can set foot except a sidewalk, the designated legal public walkway, and in one's designated living space. Other than that, you're trespassing on private property unless you enter a business for a short time.

Feels so restricted to be so restricted. Caught in a trap.

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