Friday, December 17, 2010

Stinod is Leaving Me Tomorrow

Here she is tonight, above, in the cat bed her new owners bought for her. They slept with it, and now she is getting used to it, which took about five minutes or less. She's slightly oversized for it, but she really really likes it and doesn't want to leave it.

I have her in the cage, because the bathroom is occupied by ringworm kitties, although thankfully, only Rainy now has ringworm that blacklights.

And thankfully, I don't have ringworm. I checked the spots with a blacklight and they're not ringworm. When I put my glasses on, I see they're tiny scratches, probably incurred with cats jockeying for position at night while I sleep. I sleep really sound. I didn't used to.

I have no trouble falling asleep. In fact, if I try to read before going to sleep, I'm out like a light within a page or two.

I am so happy Stinod is going to get attention and have a more cushy life with more love. I hope it works out, but if it doesn't, she can come back.

Hairy, the massive feral from Heartland, who was trapped over off Country Club drive, and already had an eartip, comes and goes from the large cage he has occupied, but only during the day. I don't let him free roam the cat yard at night only because he is so massive he could do any of my cats very serious damage, if a confrontation happened. When I rattle the garage room door, he bolts right back into the big fiberglass double cage and into his carrier, for the night. Other cats go up into the cage, when he is in it, and so far, so good.

But, because of his size, I'm glad Stinod is leaving. He might not understand her disability and lash out if she ran into him or knock her off a shelf if in a rush. I feel much better about Stinod's safety, with Hairy out there, who is about four times the size now of any of my own cats. The rest can move out of his way. The girls take nothing off anybody and intimidate with a look or withholding affection. But my bigger boys, Comet and Sam, who like to consider another male a challenger, want him not to be nice, they may have to learn the hard way with Hairy, if they mess with him. NOthing so far though, no confrontations, and he's been coming and going as he pleases dawn to dark for months now.

Hairy is only locked up at night. He expects that, is ready when its time, and also expects the dish of wet food he gets when the door closes at night.

I'll miss Stinod. Shady, her best friend here, no doubt will also. But Shady comes inside for the winter and Stinod is almost alone out in the cat yard. She also likes Angel, but Button is sort of a trouble maker, mischief maker is more like it. She and her sister also come in for the winter. Angel slips in at night, too, during the winter.

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