Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Never Ending Rain

The rain has been pouring down here for what seems like days. It is never ending. The drive to the clinic was a nightmare. People speed even when it is completely unsafe to do so and their behavior puts others in danger. And they tailgate too.

It was difficult to see driving, with water everywhere, coming down and being blown up in mists by car and truck tires. The drive became surreal this evening in the dark. Still the speeders, roaring by at 80 plus mph, weaving in and out with outraged looks. What idiots.

My backyard standing water flood zone is close to flooding the garage. I don't want to even look under the house. So I won't. Water everywhere. As it came down today in sheets I could imagine people desperate to find high ground to stand on, with water everywhere else, as far as the eye could see.

I'm cranky tonight. The stress over Dex has gotten to me. My younger brother and his family were to fly off to a wedding today, back east. They're not staying long. Maybe it was yesterday they left. Or even the day before.

I wonder if they even made it, with storms back there backing up flight traffic nationwide. My brother got sick, came down with a terrible cold. He was trying to beat it, so he could enjoy his small vacation. He doesn't get to go off like this by plane very often, almost never, even if its for a very short time. I felt bad for him, catching a cold at the wrong time, a bad cold sounded like.

I guess I'm also upset over the woman killing all her cats like that, not really trying to place them, knowing for so long she'd be moving, letting it slide and the cost to those cats. Guess it is unfathomable to me, that kind of procrastination. She let them breed to begin with. Over half were not even a year old yet, off spring of a mother cat, now dead too.

I just want to sob tonight, like the heavens are sobbing, with the rain pouring out of the crying sky.

Maybe the sky is crying over those cats. If there is a god, the sadness of this world must get to such a force. You make something, and it turns out trashy and cruel, what do you do? You cry or you get angry or both.

I bet a lot of parents cry over how their kids turn out. Maybe they don't. Maybe the parents of theives, molestors, spouse and kid beaters and killers are just like them.

Dex is a sweetheart. She's had a good fun loving life since she came to me.

We all die in the end.

The sun was out there shining today if you could possibly see it, which we couldn't here, through all the damn rain and clouds. It was still there, shining away, unnoticed.

You just have to know its there, and look up, through the pounding rain, and smile.

This universe is terribly huge and black and empty. Don't think too much about that.

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