Sunday, December 26, 2010

Isn't This Just Fricking Pathetic?

Forgetting how their countrymen starve and freeze and their nation is a wreck, in sheeplike duty to a pampered sheltered wealthy leader, these N. Korean soldiers stand like machines, like brainless zombies, like beaten dogs, pounding their chests about mercilessly firing artillery at S. Korea and their desire to fight more.

Singing a military song together. Wow. Communism is great, isn't it? You have so many choices of what to do with your life. Let's see, suffer endless starvation, gather leftover coal fallen off trucks to keep warm, or become a machine part, allowed no independent action or thought, in a war machine there only to glorify some fat little strange leader with many issues. Don't you just love communism!!!! No, I don't.

Here's a clip out of the unbelievably pathetic story of N. Korean soldiers proud to kill:

"A soldier whose uniform was full of military decorations expressed his loyalty to Kim Jong Il.

"Facing the enemy's provocation, we shouted, 'Let's dedicate our lives to fighting the enemy and giving them a merciless death for our dear leader and supreme military commander,'" Kim Kyong Su said.

Their speeches constantly drew applause from the audience — mostly uniformed soldiers who spoke separately and vowed to get tougher with South Korea. They all later sang a military song together"

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