Monday, December 20, 2010

Forest Getting Worse

Forest's belly is getting bigger and bigger. She will die a horrible death if it isn't drained or if she isn't euthanized. I do not know why fluid is building like that. She could have a ruptured blood vessel. FIP maybe. Could be heart is worse than thought. Maybe her bladder or kidneys aren't functioning right. Is a blockage cutting off something, rupturing something?

I don't think it is parasites, but I tape wormed her tonight with a different tape wormer, just in case. I have to take her to the vet again. She's so uncomfortable I can barely even stand to watch her.

However, I had other kittens, full of round worms, who looked just like that too. One of them was Shaulin. She looked full term pregnant. Took her belly two months to recede.

She acts horribly hungry all the time, just jumps on food, which is consistent with worms. Her backbone is prominent like she is absorbing no nutrients and her belly just hangs off her backbone, huge. I have never seen anything like this, which makes me worry about FIP because I've never encountered a wet FIP cat or kitten yet. You would think I would have by now, but I haven't. You would think if she has wet FIP, as a tiny kitten, she'd be dead by now too.

I'm taking her in. I'm going to tell them to spay her and while she's open to find out what the fuck that fluid is. FIP fluid is thick and yellowish I'm told and stinky and they'd know. If she's leaking blood from some ruptured blood vessel, maybe they could find that and cauterize it. I've had kittens I took to the vet for people with abdomens full of blood from just the wrong fall, and a blood vessel ruptured. Her heart murmur is either causing this fluid buildup or because of it. All that pressure against the heart from that belly has to be hard on it.

But there's the second thing, her enormous insatiable appetite and prominent backbone--she's absorbing nothing! That takes me right back to thinking parasites are eating her food and they're parasites normal wormer isn't killing. She's frantic for food. What if I withheld food. If she has parasites, I'm withholding their food too. You know what that means. They'll jump on wormer like a starved college student on a pizza and maybe it'd be more effective.

Either way, she's going to the vet tomorrow. She's going to die from all that gut pressure on her heart.

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