Sunday, November 07, 2010

Goodbye Peko and Zorro

I took Peko and Zorro to their new home today, all the way down to Florence Oregon. Then I drove back up the coast to Walport, before cutting across, enjoying the coast scenery along the way. I wish I had gotten an earlier start so I could have beach walked or something.

The home for the two boys is an excellent one. Very lucky to have found it. Peko gave me terrible pangs of guilt and sadness as I left him, standing on his back legs, reaching up to me, not wanting me to leave him, worry in his eyes. I just wanted to sob.

Zorro, on the other hand, being a charmer and a kitten, adapted immediately, prancing around, tail up, showing off.

It is a very wonderful home, the best I could have imagined. Great people.

I miss Peko already.

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