Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sheer Numbers Wear Me Down

I'm at the end of my Poppa Inc. budget for the month and there are so many cats waiting to be fixed and needing to be fixed. If only the owners would do so. Fat chance with most. There are five kittens out on Riverside needing fixed. There's another mother in Albany and a mother on Looney Lane with her kittens, needing fixed. There are two difficult catch feral kittens, in Albany, mom now fixed, needing caught and fixed. There over 25 still needing fixed at that one Lebanon location.

And then yesterday, someone contacted me from Philomath who has over 30 cats and the landlord wanted them gone by yesterday or they'd be evicted. None are fixed.

The man I got four kittens and their mom fixed for, in Corvallis, wanted me to take all five of those. He would donate a bag of cat food, he said.

Someone abandoned two lovely cats in Albany, who had been living with a boyfriend, who then was evicted. She had first abandoned them in Salem when she decided to move in with her boyfriend down here, then abandoned them again when she went back to Salem. Two different people called me asking if I could take those two in. Otherwise, the landlord is going to have them killed.

I can't take anymore in, and said "no" to all these requests, but the plight of these poor cats plays on my mind.

The woman who stayed a night in Detroit and was horrified at the numbers of roaming unwanted cats there has been e-mailing me. She can't find anyone to help. She doesn't live there, but tried to find someone locally to help but no one wants involved. She lives in Portland.

I have got to come up with more fixing money. If you are reading this, please click the post title to go to Poppa Inc.'s website and contribute. Thank you.

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